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About Eden's Garden

The inspiration for Eden's Garden comes from our clients. We noticed a lot of clients that use our event centers for toddler and kid parties. For that reason, we wanted to create a space with kids in mind. Renting a venue, hiring someone to rent out and setup soft play, and renting a moon bounce can get costly. With Eden's Garden we wanted to incorporate all the elements of a successful kids party at a more affordable price. Our plan with this event center is to give our clients as much or as little as they need for their event. This means that if the client just wants the space by itself, we just offer the space. If the client wants bells and whistles, we bring the bells and whistles. Our hope is to provide a space that offers parents peace of mind when planning their kids birthday party.   


Rent the Space by itself 

Spaces specifications:

Eden's Garden is over 1800 sqft

It can accomodate 60 guest, has a seperate party room, a play area, a kitchen, and access to two common area restrooms.  The party room is a separate area from the play area and it includes seating for 30. 


Edens Garden Event Center Rates:

$400 for 4 hours 

$100 per hr minimum of 4 hrs. 

$850 all day 


Space + Soft Play 

What is soft play? Soft play is a designated play area for small kids and toddlers. Ours features over 225 sqft of soft play mats, ball pit, soft play shapes, a slide, and various toys for toddlers 



$550 Space plus Soft play package

includes space for 4.5 hours and  softplay rental and set up 

$175 Soft play rental (by itself)


Space + Soft play + bounce house

Our Bounce House is 12 x15 x 8. it has a capacity of 300 lbs, a double slide and a  bball hoop. 

other bounce houses may vary in size, capacity and features. 



$650 Space plus soft play plus bounce house package includes the spaces for 4.5 hours, softplay rental and set up, and a bounce house.

$125 bounce house rental (by itself) 

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820 Irish Lane Edmond Ok Suite C


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